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Yes it's the month of November and everyone's on the gratitude bandwagon. I'm not here to knock anyone because I'm definitely very grateful. Having spent the past week in bed and unable to perform, I'm grateful to be on the mend (say a prayer as I have a couple of shows this week). I've been a lifelong asthmatic and severe allergy sufferer; but there's nothing like a particularly bad episode to make you appreciate the simply complex gift of just breathing normally. I mean, we do it everyday without thinking… Read more

The Best Job I've Ever Had! 

When I decided to become a full time musician, I knew that it wouldn't be easy. Partly because I was giving up the supposed security of the corporate world as well as the fact that I am not a new to town 19 year old trying to be a "star". But after carefully considering where I was in my life and evaluating what really makes me happy, I took the plunge. 

Now let me say it again. It's not easy! In fact, I've never worked harder in my life. Every day, I spend hours on the computer and/or phone. I contact… Read more

Confessions of an Addict 

Ok! So it's time that I confess. I have a slight addiction to Candy Crush Saga. I play first thing in the morning, last thing before I go to bed, all during the day. At first I just thought it was a good distraction to deal with my social anxiety. You know, I'm looking at my phone so I don't "have" to talk to folks until I build my confidence and look up. Right?!  I've caught myself wanting to play it so much that I would have the game open on my laptop, cell phone and Kindle all so I could continue playing… Read more

Stop and Smell The Roses 

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. The pace of life is crazy and that in turn makes us crazy. You can see it all around us and yet many times we feel helpless to do anything but be swept away by the tide. It can leave us feeling empty, powerless, resentful and filled with a host of other negative emotions.

The other week I had to take my car in very early for some repair work. There was really no good way to get home and back and I didn't want to spend the money on a taxi (especially… Read more

Be like a tree 

This winter season here in TN has been most interesting. I've been especially interested in the severe wind storms that we've had. Some of the winds have been as strong as tornadoes and have caused almost as much damage. In watching weather reports and driving through neighborhoods I'm always amazed at how some trees remain standing while everything else around them has been blown to bits. I know that some trees fall because they are old and rotten; but there are many trees that are seemingly healthy and… Read more
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